Which Gym Floor Covering is right for my facility?

Basketball-Goals.com offers three different types of gym floor covers we offer the carpet deck carpet tile Gym Deck puzzle tiles and traditional poly tarp gym floor covers. Carpet deck are square carpet tiles that are quickly assembled and laid on top of your existing gymnasium floor. These carpet tiles when in place look like a seamless wall-to-wall carpet. These durable carpet tiles are perfect for transforming a gymnasium into an elegant event center. Perfect for fund-raising events, concerts, plays, trade shows and other events. These beautiful carpet tiles can be laid over your gym floor and then removed stacked on a mobile cart and placed into a storage room for use at another time. Carpet tile can easily transform an area that might otherwise go unused into a profit center for your facility. Basketball-Goals.com also carries the Gym Deck puzzle tile system. Gym Deck is a more utilitarian type of solid ABS plastic material that gets placed directly over the gymnasium floor making the underlying gym floor impervious to damage from above. Gym Deck puzzle tiles are so tough that once in place an 18 wheel tractor-trailer could drive on your gym floor without damaging it. Many gymnasiums need the ability to bring in equipment such as scissor lifts perform maintenance on equipment within the gymnasium. To do so directly on the gym floor could cause costly damage to one of the most expensive investments in any gymnasium. Don't risk it! Fill out a quote for custom quote per your specifications for Gym Deck puzzle tile. The third type of floor covering. The majority of gymnasiums throughout the United States that have hardwood floors use the traditional poly tarp type gym floor covers to protect their floors from damage. We sell these gym floor covers incomplete systems that incorporate mobile storage racks power winders cleaning brush walk behind tape applicators and more. If you would like a quote for any type of floor covering we offer please click here and then select the type of floor covering your interested in then just click on the get quote button send us your information and will e-mail you back a quote.

We hope that this information has been helpful.