Do your bleachers arrive already assembled?

The answer this question is no. They are not hard to assemble however. Our bleachers come with instructions and there are no special skills or tools needed to assemble them. 99% of all the bleachers we sell our put together by an end-user that never built bleachers before. There are a few basic things that need to be assembled on all bleachers and that would be the planking and end caps. Are bleachers, pre-welded and predrilled making assembly easy. Simply take a clip which is a small piece of flat metal with a hole in it insert a bolt into the whole slide the clip into the channels that are underneath the plank line it up with the whole that is predrilled in the frame and tighten the two together with a nut washer and socket wrench. And caps are simply slipped over the end of the planks. In some instances there will be optional equipment to be attached such as bracing, hand rails, chain-link fencing, or handicapped ramps. All of these optional items are not difficult to install and can be installed by just about anyone who has some mechanical ability. A good rule of thumb to use to calculate what will be necessary in terms of man-hours for the assembly of your project. Is to multiply the number of seats that your bleacher or bleachers contain by 0.35. This will give you the approximate man-hours needed to assemble your project. For example let's say the seating capacity for the bleachers you've decided to choose is 70 per set. You've decided to purchase three of these sets. The total seating capacity for all three cents is 210. Multiply to 10 x 0.35 = 73.5. This is the total amount of man-hours needed to assemble the bleachers in this project. Let's say you have six people that are going to help assemble the bleachers for your project simply divide 73.5 x 6 to arrive at 12.25 hours per person. So for this project you have six people the work a little over six hours per day for two days to assemble your project that will seat 210 people. The multiplier of 0.35 used in the above example is an average of smaller and larger bleachers with varying difficulty factors erring on the higher side of the difficulty range therefore multiple smaller bleachers of less complexity may take less time to assemble than described above.

The answer is no. It is standard throughout the bleacher industry that orders come unassembled. The reason why they're not sold preassembled is that they would be very prone to damage in transit.
The next most commonly asked question then is are they hard to assemble?

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