RetroFit36 III
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First Team RetroFit36 III comes witha 36" x 54" acrylic backboard a perfect, hassle free choice for replacing old, worn out backboards on existing basketball posts.

Each RetroFit36 III backboard package includes backboard, rim and easy-mount RetroFit36 bracket.  The RetroFit36 bracket is built with two vertical slots on the back side of the bracket.  These slots are positioned 5" apart horizontally.  Because the slots are 5" apart, it is recommended that the attachement plate at the end of the existing basketball post be at least 6"x6" in size. 

NOTE:  Four holes may need to be drilled into the mounting plate on the neck of the post to match the 5" slot dimension.  Once attached, the vertical slots in the RetroFit36 bracket will allow the backboard and rim to be fine tuned so perfect 10' rim height can be reached.

Why tear out a perfectly good basketball post just because the backboard is worn out?  Refurbish it with First Team RetroFit36 basketball backboard combos and get back in the game!


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RetroFit36 III