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Posilok PL 1000

The Tork Winch Posilok Safety Strap is a fall arrest safety device design to “catch” a free falling load. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with the TW 2000 basketball winch or the CW 1800 curtain winch. The Posilok Safety Strap has a modern attractive appearance and is finished with durable E-coat paint. The Posilok has a visible maximum travel indicator, showing when the maximum safe extension of the strap has been reached. A visual safety indicator is also included to signal that the unit has operated under a falling load. You can count on this product to provide safety when a system failure occurs.



  • Maximum weight of suspended load* 1000 lbs./450 kg.
  • Strap breaking strength: 7300 lbs./3318 kg.
  • Active strap travel: 39 ft./11.9 m
  • Operating principle: fail safe, self-checking mechanical mechanism
  • Tripping speed: 1.5 ft. per second/0.46 m per second
  • Re-set action: Automatic on lifting the load approximately one inch
  • Weight (as shipped): 17 lbs./ 8 kg.
  • Standard clamp kit allows for mounting to a 3.5” or 4” pipe.
  • 60’ strap available upon request.


Have a suspended load greater than 1000lbs? Inquire about the available Rocker Kit that can withstand a suspended load up to 2000lbs!

*This is the maximum weight allowable for the suspended object that the Posilok strap is protecting. The Posilok Safety Strap is designed to safely arrest a falling object of this weight. The actual forces on the strap and Posilok device will be much higher than this when it is stopping the falling object. It is designed to absorb these forces

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