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Patriot American Flag - 18' x 12' - Horizontal Display

Draper’s most unique gym equipment product makes a dramatic presentation of the United States flag in any gymnasium. “Old Glory" appears at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter. Horizontal display, the horizontal flag is housed in a 20’ 10" (635cm) case.
Standard product includes a sewn, nylon flag.
The flag measures 12’ x 18’ (366cm x 549cm) with both mountings.
Universal Mounting Bracket may be suspended from above, or mounted to wall. Each bracket consists of a front and back piece bolted together. 2 supplied on vertical flags; 3 supplied on horizontal flags.
Options include state flags or school banners, provided by customer.
Price: $3,297.00
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Patriot American Flag - 18' x 12' - Horizontal Display