Indoor Sports Flooring

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Multi-Purpose indoor tile is the flattest, tightest fitting and most rigid multipurpose indoor sport tile floor in the world. With five injection points, our Multi-Purpose indoor tile will remain flat; it will not cup at the corners after a few months like many other game court tile. This is imperative, so the balls bounce the same way at every point of the tile and do not die near the suspended ridges.
A sports floor must be solid, like an outdoor basketball court, a wooden dance floor or an ice hockey rink.
Our Multi-Purpose indoor tile floor was designed to have the same rigid feel as an expensive wooden floor.
Because each sport tile locks together so tightly without any gaps or seams, the floor becomes monolithic, meaning all the tiles locked together create one single large sport tile.
  • Small, 10" x 10" tiles with five injection points – maintaining flatness throughout life of the tile
  • Thick, heavy gauge surface structure, virtually indestructible; proven tension-free substructure
  • Precise, tight connections, virtually seamless – perfect for basketball, tennis courts, volleyball skating, inline hockey, gymnastics and other sport games
  • An asthetical surface, hardly recognizable as being a tile floor
  • Small slits dampen the drum effect of a solid top, reducing excessive noise
  • Open suspension structure enables spilled fluids to disperse underneath the tile. Small surface slits allow for quick evaporation. Typical solid top tile without openings will often allow mildew to form underneath tile.


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Multisport Tile Benefits:

  • Easy maintenance – no stripping or sanding
  • Impervious to water or insect damage
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Permanent or portable installation
  • Easy to disassemble, repair or reconfigure
  • Tightest fitting modular surface in the industry – virtually seamless
  • Quietest surface available
  • 5-point injection process to create a system that will always remain flat
  • Engineered surface profile consistently provides correct friction co-efficient
  • Made of specially-formulated materials
  • 10-year warranty





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Indoor Sports Flooring