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"Truly one of the best tennis surfaces I have played on. It plays like a clay court in terms of ball response and speed. The surfaces has absolutely wonderful stress relief on ankles, legs and knees. It is fantastic to play on. Plus I can really see the maintenance advantages."

Jonas Bjorkman Champion Wimbledon Men?s Doubles 2002, 2003, 2004, Champion US Open Men's Doubles 2003, Champion French Open Men's Doubles 2005

Our Versa Court tile is designed to deliver consistent ball response through the entire court surface. Compared to the cost of installing and ongoing maintenance of a clay tennis court the purchase of a Versa Court is a no brainer. Below are a list of benefits you gain in addition to a great playing surface.

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  1. The Versa Court tennis tile contains a UV protectant that will help prevent the tile from fading even if placed in direct sunlight. Your tennis court will look great for years to come. There so sure the manufacturer offers a 15 year warranty against fading.
  2. The UV protectant in the tiles also provides the added benefit of a cooler court. That's right! Temperatures can be as much as 10 degrees cooler while playing on a Versa Court tile court than they are on ordinary asphalt courts.
  3. The UV protectant in the tile absorbs the harmful UV rays from the sun that would ordinarily work to degrade the subsurface of your court. This makes the subsurface of your court actually last longer. Traditional asphalt tennis courts will need to have crack filled typically within 2-3 years of installations, with our tile in place you can look to double or even triple the life of your subsurface.
  4. The Versa Court tile has a flow through design which allows water to quickly and easily flow right through it , making court down time a thing of the past.
  5. Our tennis court tiles just plain old look great ! They are so attractive and well-made that they can even add to the property value of your home.
  6. Our tennis court tiles are designed to keep you on your feet. The texture of the tile itself incorporates small ridges that allow your footwear to grip it making slips and falls less likely than on ordinary surfaces.
  7. Virtually maintenance free, the tiles can be lifted so leaves and dirt can be blown out from under it should they accumulate. This tennis tile can be left out year round with snow having no impact on it. The tile can also easily be taken apart and moved to a new location if you wish.
  8. Easy to install. Tile arrive in 4' wide by 4' long sheets already clipped together and labeled. Simply lay out the tile on your subsurface like a puzzle, then when it is all in the right place simply clip the tiles together and you?re done! It really is that easy, no glue, no nailing , no kidding! Game lines can be applied prior to shipping and a photo of your court will be emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping. You can even have specialty logos like your favorite team applied to the tile.
  9. Originally designed by a team of orthopedic surgeons to absorb impact shock to muscles and joints so that athletes could quickly recover from their workouts. Once only affordable by Corporate clients and the wealth Versa Court has become the tennis court surface of choice for resorts, tennis clubs, and tennis camps, and backyard tennis court construction.

These are just some of the advantages of owning a Versa Court tennis court. is the leading internet dealer of Versa Court,
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