• What?s the difference between Institutional

    & Residential Basketball Equipment?

    The difference between institutional and residential basketball equipment is that institutional equipment can be placed in a residential setting and still qualify for manufacturer?s warranty residential equipment that is placed in an institutional setting however will not qualify for a warranty from the manufacturer therefore is important that if you're purchasing merchandise for an institutional setting that you purchase institutional merchandise because otherwise the manufacture may not warranty your equipment. Generally speaking basketball systems that have glass backboards can be placed in an institutional setting within the gymnasium but cannot be placed in an institutional setting outdoors. You'll notice that in ground basketball systems that contain glass backboards are not shown under institutional categories. But they are shown in residential categories. This is because the amount of play on an institutional system far exceeds that of a residential and manufacturers air on the side of caution and will not warranty a glass backboards system placed outdoors an institutional setting. It's perfectly fine to purchase institutional equipment for residential use however but may be overkill in certain instances.

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