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Gym floor covers help protect your gymnasiums most expensive investment it's hardwood flooring. Don't go through another winter without covering it.

Gym Floor Covers
[Gym Floor Covers]

Protect your hardwood gym floors from damage during special event use such as dances, graduations, concerts, assemblies and other activies with the GymShield line of gym floor covers. Keep your valuable hardwood safe from scratches, scuffs and stains caused by foot traffic, furniture and equipment.

GymShield covers are made of an ultra-durable, reversible 3-ply PVC-coated fabric that is waterproof and tear-resistant. Welded seams are engineered to be strong as the fabric itself and will lay smooth and flat.

GymShield covers are simple to use and install, a typical gym floor can be covered by two people in approximately 30 minutes. Once the event is over, GymShield covers are simple to clean and store. Roll the covers manually onto storage tubes, or quickly and efficiently with the Mobile Storage Racks. Covers can be swept clean quickly by hand, or even quicker with the optional brush attachment on the Mobile Storage Rack.


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Gym Floor Covers