Once you have decided on the game lines you wish your court to have you may also want to include some court accessories. Below are some court accessories you may wish to include with your Sport-Floor order. For courts measuring over 2000 sq ft we can offer factory installation of the Sport-Floor tile and accessories shown below (provided the ground sleeves of anchor systems for the accessories have been previously installed into your subsurface). Your subsurface installation company can do this for you prior to pouring your subsurface. And dont forget about our Basketball Equipment, we have one of the largest selections of basketball equipment anywhere all at factory to you pricing!

Court Components: offers a full line of Court Components both in Standard and Custom options. We offer choice of components to every court environment; residential or commercial.
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Multi-Sports Net Systems

Multi-Sports Net Systems - Includes two adjustable net collars for easy height adjustment from ground level to 8' height, includes Multi-Sports Net for your specific court size

Rebounder Systems

Rebounder Systems - A heavy duty #420 weather treated rebounder net, 1.9" od ,16 guage steel coated acrylic urethane finish frame, is available in standard 10' x 10' and 10' x 20', and also in custom sizes

Fence System

Fence System - Our fence frames are made from 1.9" od ,16 guage steel coated acrylic urethane finish, system includes all fittings with weather treated softFence netting, available from 5' to 10' height and custom lengths

Light System - We offer two types of Court Lighting Systems:
  • Hallogen Lighting available standard (2 x 1500W) as Inline Extension to your Multi-Sports Net Pole, or Stand-alone pole, optional ground sleeves for mounting
  • Metal Halide Lighting available in Die Cast or Extruded fixtures, and New CCS2000 light weight housing (1000W), with 9 optional mounting arms for multiple lights, and either in-ground or bolt plate mounting