How do I choose the correct basketball system for my situation?

Like most things in life budget enters into the decision-making process. The basketball equipment industry is extremely competitive so each dollar more you spend on the equipment and additional amount of value is commensurate with that purchase. What this basically means is the more you spend the better the equipment you get. This however does not mean you need to spend beyond your means to purchase a basketball system that will meet your situation. If for example you're looking for a portable goal for your driveway there really is only two manufacturers of any importance to choose from one this lifetime sports any other is Spalding Incorporated. sells Spalding products but does not sell lifetime product. Lifetime is typically sold through companies like Walmart and Target and others. They have many different offerings in their product line of portable goals but we would recommend if this is the type of goal your choosing is that you choose one that has the largest base possible for the amount of dollars you spent have to spend. The base on these units is a plastic ballast container that can hold either water or sand. We recommend that you fill the base with sand and not water for two reasons sand ways more by volume than water and therefore provides more ballast for the system. Water can also freeze in areas of the country that get cold enough which can cause the ballast container to crack and leak. We recommend you purchase the unit with largest base so that it will have the most amount of that was possible for that system. Portable systems are comparably unstable when compared to an inground system primarily because of the lack of ballast in a portable system. If you're choosing an inground system you first must determine whether or not small children will be playing on the system is small children will be playing on the system it is recommended that you get an adjustable basketball system one that can be easily moved up and down the smaller children can play as well. If you are purchasing a unit for your own private use in your adult. You also want to be able to play with friends chances are you do not need the adjustability of adjustable basketball goal and therefore we would recommend a fixed height basketball goal. If you're looking for an institutional system that is an inground outdoor system we recommend a fixed height system. For gymnasiums we recommend wall mount basketball systems. Wall mount basketball systems tend to provide the best value for the buck they incorporate regulation size glass backboards breakaway goals and edge padding for far less cost than a portable basketball goal. Wall mount basketball goals must be installed into concrete block, cement or other masonry type wall. Wall mount basketball goals can also be installed into wood framed or steel framed buildings however they may require additional bracing to accommodate 1500 pounds of load stress per installed unit per wall. Institutional portable basketball systems are recommended for gymnasiums that cannot use wall mount basketball systems. If you would like to discuss further your specific project and or would like to receive a quote for equipment please contact either via e-mail at or give us a call toll free at 866-892-7277.

We hope that you found this information helpful.