What's the difference between a Flex Rim an a Breakaway Goal?

A true breakaway goal is used exclusively on indoor basketball systems. True breakaway goal utilizes a ball detent mechanism that allows for the rim to break away from its mounting plate and snap back to the mounting plate via the ball detent when released. A flex goal operates in much the same way as breakaway goal the difference is that a flex goal uses an enclosed spring mechanism allowing the goal to spring away from the backboard and spring back into place. Flex goals can be used indoor or outdoor the enclosed spring mechanism is protected from elements like ice, snow, and rain. Breakaway goals do not incorporate an enclosure and therefore if left outside in the elements of rain and snow or ice would seize up rendering its breakaway ability useless. Most people have heard of the term breakaway goal when watching their favorite NBA or NCAA team play on TV. Most people have not however heard of the term flex goal. It is because of this that some manufacturers have decided to call their flex goals breakaway goals. This has led to some confusion between the two and therefore hopefully this explanation will explain things better. Therefore if you're looking for basketball rim that's going to be used outside then you need to be looking at a flex goal. If the rim you need to buy is primarily for gymnasium use and the backboard that it will be placed on is a tempered glass backboard then you should be looking for a true breakaway goal. To view any of our breakaway or flex goals just click here. If you have any questions about any of the merchandise found on the Basketball-Goals.com website. Please call us toll-free at 866-892-7277. Thank you.

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