332-40-4000 S-L 400 Wireless Controller (Embedded RX)

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ScoreLink 400 is a wireless communications system for Electro-Mech MM, MP, and
LED scoreboards. It uses Radio Frequency (RF) waves in the 2.4 GHz range. To reduce the likelihood
of interference, the signal is actually “hopping” frequencies 2400 MHz - 2483.5 MHz in a
predetermined pattern referred to as a channel. If you have multiple ScoreLink systems on different
channels, they are still all working in the same frequency range but searching for the data in
different patterns over that range of frequencies.
For optimal performance, ensure there are no line of sight obstacles between the transmitter
and receiver as this can significantly decrease the range and/or create unreliable communication.
Also, all transmitters and/or receivers should be kept at least ten feet apart to avoid
interference. Multiple scoreboards can be controlled from a single console with a single transmitter
so long as each scoreboard has its own receiver and all units are on the same channel. For unit
specific features, installation, and instructions, please find your model in the following pages.

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332-40-4000 S-L 400 Wireless Controller (Embedded RX)