Low Rise Bleachers at Basketball-Goals.com

Our low rise bleachers have a first row seat height of 10.5" from the ground and even our 4 row low rise is under 30" tall at the top seat height, thus no need for chainlink guardrails.

Low Rise Bleachers (preferred (double footplanks)
Model Product Name Price QTY Purchase / Shipping Quote
BRB-0315ALRP $1,147.00
BRB-0321ALRP $1,587.00
BRB-0324ALRP $2,004.00
Low Rise Bleachers -4 Row -15'L -Double Footplank, Aluminum Understructure $1,597.00
BRB-0421ALRP $2,217.00
BRB-0424ALRP $2,761.00
BRB-0427ALRP $2,817.00
BRB-0515ALRP $3,081.00
BRB-0521ALRP $4,046.00
BRB-0524ALRP $5,340.00