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Backboard height adjusters allow you to lower your wall mounted basketball goal from 10'-8'.  Great for youth programs at schools, churches, YMCA's and Boys & Girls Clubs.

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Wall Mounted Basketball System


Ceiling Suspended Basketball System

  • 503092

    For Rectangular Backboards

    Price: $535.00

  • 503093

    Motorized with Keyswitch

    Price: $1,125.00

  • 503094

    For Fan Shape Backboards

    Price: $535.00

  • 503192

    8' - 10' Steel Height Adjuster - 6 5/8" Mast - Manual - Rectangular

    Price: $535.00

  • CHAB-D

    Custom Height Adjuster Bracket for 8” square structures  

    Price: $94.00

  • FT300

    For Fan Shape Boards

    free shipping
    Price: $1,018.00

  • FT310

    Manual for Rectangular Backboards

    free shipping
    Price: $1,300.00

  • Six-Shooter
    free shipping
    Price: $639.00