Uni-Champ Nitro
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Uni-Champ Nitro Adjustable Wallmount Structure The Uni-Champ series offers wall mount adjustability indoors or out! First Team's Insta-Just height adjustment mechanism allows the Uni-Champ to adjust for 10' to 7'6" in six inch increments. To adjust, use a broom handle to release the Insta-Just height regulator. No tools or ladders required. The adjustable arm system is bolted to First Team's unique Uni-Strut structure using four carriage bolts. The Uni-Strut wall mount has a variety of slotted attachment holes that may be used to allow the structure to be secured to the wall. Customer is responsible to provided hardware to secure Uni-Strut to the wall, all other assembly hardware is provided. The unit is designed with 20" wall to backboard extension when rim is at 10' height. A variety of backboards and rims are offered with the Uni-Champ series so you can choose the Uni-Champ package that's right for you. For additional safety, backboard padding is available in a variety of colors for any Uni-Champ package. Every Uni-Champ package is covered by First Team's Lifetime Limited Warranty.


FT1991 Uni-Strut Wall Structure
FT1200 Champ Arm System
FT221 36"x60" Temp. Glass Backboard
FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Approx. Shipping Wt: 200 lbs.


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Uni-Champ Nitro