Pop-A-Shot Premium
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Pop-A-Shot Premium

For more demanding commercial applications First Team offers the Pop-A-Shot Premium! If you're looking to bring the fun outside the home, First Team recommends our premium "BigBall" Pop-A-Shot model. Designed with commercial facilities in mind, the Pop-A-Shot Premium "BigBall" sports a folding, 100% steel under-structure that is tough as nails. Choose to compete with mini basketballs, or shoot with more challenging large basketballs. Players try to "beat the clock" shooting baskets in rapid fire succession. Two points per basket, three points for each basket during the last 15 seconds. Score 50 points or better to be awarded extended play! Our Pop-A-Shot Premium is ideal for: Churches/Youth Groups; Boys & Girls Clubs; Health Clubs; Premium Residential Rec Room; Product Promotion; Trade Shows; Hotels; and Restaurants. Measurements are: 8' long, 32" wide and 7'9" high. When it comes to top quality indoor arcade basketball fun, no one's got game like First Team! Assembly Instructions.pdf Whether you're running an arcade or you want to add a little fun to family get-togethers, First Team carries arcade basketball games that are always a slam-dunk in the entertainment arena. Our arcade basketball games are perfect for nearly any indoor location, from the basement or garage to a family game room. Beat the Clock in Arcade Basketball Games for the Home Made from the highest quality materials and designed for friendly, competitive fun, our arcade basketball games come with everything you need for a great time. Each arcade-sized unit is built with durability and stability in mind, so you don't have to worry about cheap imported components. Our products are made in the USA. These games require players to beat the clock by shooting baskets quickly but accurately. When a player scores more than the minimum number of points within his or her allotted time, extended play is automatically awarded; that makes this game fun for everyone. Pop-A-Shot Classic and Pop-A-Shot Premium We offer two types of Pop-A-Shot games: classic and premium. While the classic version is durable and sturdy, it's designed for in-home use. The Pop-A-Shot Premium is perfect for commercial applications. Classic: The classic game is 8 feet long, 30 inches wide and 7 feet, 10 inches high. It features a double-reinforced ball return ramp, a heavy steel rim and full-length side nets. It comes with three balls for continuous play. Premium: The premium Pop-A-Shot game is tough as nails. It features a folding, 100 percent steel understructure and full-length netting. It's 8 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 7 feet, 9 inches high. Pop-A-Shot Premium comes with small and large balls for an extra challenge. Indoor Basketball Competition Fun First Team is your one-stop shop for all things basketball, including the wildly popular Pop-A-Shot games. You'll love having fun with your friends and family (or showing your customers a good time) with these electronically scored basketball arcade games.

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Pop-A-Shot Premium