4.5" O.D. Bent Post In Ground Basketball System w/Chain Net
[Econogoal 4.5C]

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Econogoal 4.5C includes:

Pole shall be constructed of 4 ½” outside diameter RS40 zinc flow coated steel tubing with a 7 ga. wall thickness. Design shall be a bent gooseneck style and allow for a 48” bury into the ground and a 48” extension from the front of the pole to the face of the backboard and connect directly to the pole. Pole shall be designed to that the rim mounts directly to the horizontal pole section through the backboard to eliminate stress on the backboard during play. Entire systems shall weigh 215 lbs.

Aluminum Backboard shall be constructed of cast aluminum with a 36”x54” fan shaped playing surface. The minimum playing surface thickness shall be 3/16”. A minimum of 35” of support ribs shall be casts into the rear of the backboard. Total thickness of the backboard shall be 1 3/8”. Backboard shall carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Super Goal & Chain Net: Rim shall consist of an official size 18” diameter steel ring with a 5/8” thick steel ring on top and a 1/2” steel ring welded together at no less than six places. The lower ring shall be formed to accept chain nets. The back plate shall be a minimum of 3/16” thick punched to mount on all front mount backboards. One 1/2” diameter and one 3/8” diameter rim support shall provide added strength.




*Optional Painted Target and or Boarder Available

* Ships 3 weeks after order placement




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4.5" O.D. Bent Post In Ground Basketball System w/Chain Net