ArmorDeck is Signature’s premium special event flooring and turf protection floor covering system. It is designed to handle heavy loads and to provide the ultimate in stability and ground protection. It is the most advanced engineered special event flooring system on the market today and offers stability, heavy-duty support and superior natural and synthetic turf protection for all types of grass surfaces and infill.

ArmorDeck is a large panel system, that features an integrated connection system, optional drainage and aeration holes, an optional underside layer (for synthetic turf and very heavy duty applications), an optional turf pad system, a durable aluminum cam lock system, and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42” x 42” and is 2 inches thick, thus providing maximum rigidity and surface protection.

No system has been as comprehensively engineered to handle the rigors of tent, concert, stadium use and all types of special events. No system incorporates the functionality, features, and capabilities of the ArmorDeck.


Patented Expansion Joint Panels 

Plastic flooring will expand and contract when exposed to changes in temperature and this "thermal expansion" can cause plastic floor tiles to warp, buckle, or even separate. ArmorDeck's HDPE construction contains UV inhibitors and other additives to protect the panels from the sun, but when panels expand even a fraction of an inch, the cumulative expansion across a large area can cause significant distortion or impede the installation process. These irregularities can present dangerous and unsightly conditions for your staff. 

Signature's ArmorDeck is the only large panel modular flooring system with an available expansion joint designed to compensate for the thermal expansion that can occur when a floor is subjected to varying temperatures. These Expansion Joint Modules function like the expansion joints in a bridge or highway and allow the material to contract and expand naturally without warping. 

With ArmorDeck Expansion Joints, you can feel confident the ArmorDeck system will be able to handle temperature fluctuation throughout the day and prevent potential warping or buckling, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing an engineered solution is in place. 

For more information about Signature's patented Expansion Joint Technology, click here.

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