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88461G 60" Glass, 4", 2PC Pole, Ground Sleeve

The Spalding® 88461G NBA 60" in-ground basketball system is sturdy and durable thanks to a steel-framed tempered glass backboard. Its U-Turn® lift system allows you to move the basket anywhere from 7.5' to 10', and a convenient 2' offset allows play under the rim.

Product Overview
Board Size:      60" x 34"
Board:             1/4" Tempered glass
Board Frame:  Steel
Board Offset:   2'
Lift System:     U-Turn™
Lift Handle:     Removable
Pole Size:       2 pc, 4" square
Pole Material: Steel
Rim Style:       Pro Image™


421-118 60" Glass In-Ground System
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88461G 60" Glass, 4", 2PC Pole, Ground Sleeve